Antaranga Shyama Prema Roopa Shyama Lyrics & Video

Antaranga Shyama is a Krishna bhajan from the album Anahata. It was sung by the Art of Living Award for Outstanding Women winner Gayatri Asokan.

There are many forms of Lord Krishna. If you want to meet the Lord Krishna, it must have faith in mind. The expansion of consciousness is necessary with unconditional love and compassion. It just comes from Seva, Sadhana and Satsang. Now it is your duty to continue.

Title: Antarangashyama
Album: Anahata
Singer: Gayatri Asokan
Duration: 3:11 min

Antaranga Shyama,Gayatri Asokan

Antaranga Shyama Lyrics and Video

Antaranga Shyama, Prema Roopa Shyama,
Sneha Roopa Shyama, Karuna Sindhu Shyama (2)
Antaranga Shyama . . .

Ramkrishna Shiva Shakti, Megha Neela Shyama,
Param Roopa Nirvikalpa, Vasudeva Shyama
Antarangashyama . . .


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  • May 6, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    Excellent rendition of a bhajan to sooth and relax the mind.


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