Hey Mata Jaganmata Lyrics & Video

Hey Mata Jaganmata is a Durga bhajan from the Art of Living album Anahata. It was sung by playback singer and now AOL devotee Gayatri Asokan. She is mostly present in Satsang. Worship of the Goddess Durga must require for achieving deep devotion and destruction of sin. Navratri is the right time for Maa Durga as well as for seekers.

Title: Hey Mata
Album: Anahata
Singer: Gayatri Asokan
Duration: 3:34 min

Hey Mata Jaganmata, Gayatri Asokan

Hey Mata Jaganmata Lyrics and video

Hey Mata Jaganmata (2)
Vishwavilasini Vishalakshi Mata
Mangalyamayi Lakshmi Bhavani
Girija Shankari Durga Mata
Hey Mata . . .

Premamayi Kalyanmayi,
Snehamayi Anandamayee (2)
Shubhada Varada Parvati Mata
Hey Mata . . .


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