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Durge Nandini Ananda Roopini Lyrics & Video

Durge Nandini Ananda Roopini is a bhajan from the Art of Living album Parameshwari. It seems an invisible Devi Shakti is coming into the body, while singing. According to the Sanskrit, Nandini means pleasure. Information: Title: Durge Nandini Album: Parameshwari Singer: Vikram Hazra Duration: 05:23 min (As per Audio CD) Durge Nandini Lyrics and Video […]

Vande Bhuvaneshwari Mangal Karini Lyrics & Video

Vande Bhuvaneshwari is a bhajan from the Art of Living album Parameshwari. Bhuvaneshwari means world creator, who has built and rule this world. Bhajan was sung by singer Vikram Hazra. Below, there are two YouTube videos available to see. Second one is from album Geetanjali, which was sung by Chitra Roy. Information: Title: Vande Bhuvaneshvari […]

Jaya Durga Lakshmi Saraswati Lyrics & Video

Maa Durga is found in the form of Mahalakshmi with Vishnu and Parvati with Shiva. Maha Saraswati, Sita, Radha, Daksha, Kali Durga and other forms are also same. We can pray in any form. Navratri is the best opportunity for Goddess Durga worship, faithful devotee has gratified after 9 days worship. Well, listen Jaya Durga […]

Kali Durge Namo Namah Lyrics & Video

According to the Hinduism goddess Durga is primeval power, gives divine force from Mulaprakriti and also considered to be infinite and omnipresent. Let’s sing Kali Durge Namo Namah bhajan and experience divine power surrounding you. Information: Title: Kali Durge Album: Parameshwari Singer: Vikram Hazra Duration: 06:27 min (As per Audio CD) Kali Durge Lyrics and […]

Parameshwari Jaya Durga Lyrics & Video

Parameshwari is a divine name of Goddess Durga Maa and it seems all the Ultimate Divine power is in this name. Do you feel like this when singing Parameshwari Jaya Durga bhajan? Definitely, you had the experience. Just like that, words such as Amba, Jagadamba, Mahamaya, Vishwamohini, and Jagadeeshwari have its own important. The Art […]